Funding of a high-performance computing (HPC) data center
Enabling one of the most successful HPC data centers in the world
Context & Objectives

A financial investor looking to invest in a greenfield HPC data center project wanted to validate the potential of the investment


Client financed the HPC project.

The project has been recognized as one of the top 20 HPC centers in North America, and has grown to achieve its goals well ahead of schedule.

Our approach

Step 1: Assess the addressable market

-  Segmented the market into Cloud,Private cloud, Colocation and On-Premise solutions

-  Evaluated size and growth of the addressable market, worldwide

-  Selected the sweet spot for the HPC data center


Step 2: Benchmark the value proposition

-  Analyzed the competitive panoramafor high-performance computing worldwide

-  Validated the positioning of the new project and its value proposition in North America


Step 3: Define the RTM strategy

-  Identified the target industries for HPC

-  Selected the major target customers for the project

- Designed an organization and the plan to execute the RTM strategy

Our experts
Dan Dannenberg
Managing Partner
Nicolas Weissberg