Mergers & Acquisitions

We support large corporations, midsize companies and private equity firms in their buy-side and sell-side operations.

Emerton advises corporations and private equity funds in their external growth strategy and performs the strategic due diligence of investment or acquisition candidates.

We provide sell-side support to its clients, from exit strategy, divestiture preparation to divestiture execution. Emerton’s advisory services complement what the bank has to offer in the deal-making. We have a long track record of collaborations with investment banks and financial advisors in both corporate and private equity transactions. We provide hands-on support and additional bandwidth to the client during an intense sale process.

Emerton has a distinctive track record in cross-border M&A support.

Buy-Side Support

Strategic and commercial due diligence

We have a highly experienced team and distinctive track record in commercial due diligence (please see below examples of transactions we supported)

  • Focus on critical questions
  • Strongly analytical
  • Track record in complex and markets which are not documented
  • Quantification of niche markets
Regulatory due diligence

Combined with our Regulatory practice team, we have a distinctive expertise enabling use to drill-down regulatory issues.

Operations due diligence

Combined with our Operations practice team, on some deals, we also perform a due diligence on operations,  including bottom line and performance plan reviews.

Full potential analysis

Upside assessment review and operations improvement potential. We quantify upsides and analyze the requirements to achieve them. We outline the leverage points to capture them and create a bridge to post-acquisition.

Build-up strategy and target screening

We frequently work with large corporations and PE portfolio companies in proactive target identification and screening.

Vendor Assistance

Exit strategy
Joint development of the business plan
Equity story and marketing materials
Carve-out preparation

Vendor Due Diligence (VDD)

We stress-test the management plan and develop a 360° view of the business through market interviews, and an independent and the fact-based view of the market and the asset’s positioning. VDD provides comfort and market data to potential buyers.

Mergers & Acquisitions
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