Sustainability roadmap and implementation

As the world grapples with the challenge of climate change, companies are stepping up by setting ambitious goals to significantly reduce their environmental footprints.

However, organizations often struggle to transform these commitments into actions, as sustainability is not easily integrated into decision-making processes.

At the intersection of industry and data expertise, our team at Emerton Data structures strategies and digital roadmaps to turn these commitments into tangible actions.

We empower companies to achieve sustainability targets and build a competitive advantage by seamlessly integrating sustainability into their core business processes.

Sustainability Diagnostic

  • Strategic sustainability diagnostic
  • Energy sourcing and decarbonization diagnostic
  • Materiality assessment and gap analysis
  • KPI prioritization
  • Relevant benchmarking

Sustainability Roadmap

  • Sustainability vision and ambition definition
  • Sustainability framework development
  • Sustainability roadmap
  • Integration of sustainability into your business strategy
  • High-level goal setting
  • Target setting
  • Corporate sustainability narrative and communications strategy development

Decarbonization Transformation

  • Energy demand optimization
  • Industrial footprint & program adaptation
  • Strategic fuel switching analysis

Operating Model & Data for Sustainability

Our main services include:

  • Operating model definition
  • Governance set-up
  • KPI development and methodologies
  • Data improvement plans
  • Progress tracking

We leverage our Emerton Data Sustainability team to adress the following key areas:

  1. Identifying critical business processes and workflows where sustainability should be integrated as a decision-making factor to drive significant impact (carbon intensity reduction, water & energy consumption, etc.).
  2. Identifying technological enablers, building data strategies, and creating use case roadmaps to transform organizations.
  3. Implementing high-value use cases to deliver measurable value and impact.

Sustainability Initiatives Launches & Acceleration

  • Sourcing strategy
  • Supply chain redesign
Mergers & Acquisitions
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