Transformation & Performance

The Emerton Operations and Performance team was established to bring to our clients the means to actually deliver their strategy through focused transformation of their organization and processes, or measurable cost reduction aimed at fueling further growth.

Emerton’s ways of working were designed to secure relevant, quick and long-lasting change while keeping the financial burden of the consulting support minimal:

  • Targeted, senior and expert support where – and only where – it counts: in framing or launching phases of transformation initiatives, for light PMO support or to take the lead on initiatives with exceptional challenges in project management or analytical requirements
  • Focus on team onboarding and change management – our clients want actual organization and process transformation, not slides

Our team and intervention modes have been set-up to ground the differentiation of Emerton’s approaches: senior staff heavily involved on projects, most of them  with dual industry / consulting experience, flexibly mobilized – from a fully-fledged consulting team, to topic experts, to interim managers through Emerton Leadership, our interim and transition management arm.

Transformation Plans

Emerton implements strategies co-designed with its client CEOs (one-off transformations) or accompanies COOs or Transformation VPs on the long-term upgrade of the competitiveness and agility of their organizations.

The track record of Emerton in supporting successful transformation plans resides in its demonstrated mastery of the most critical transformation phases:

  • Transformation strategy elaboration
  • Structuring and launch of the transformation plan
  • PMO set-up and execution
  • Direct management of critical initiatives


Beyond new organization design (based on a deep understanding of client specifics, of the strategy to be achieved, and of industry benchmarks), Emerton focuses on the elements that will truly enable the new organization to be implemented and increase competitiveness:

  • A full clarification of working modes (roles and responsibilities, individual mandate and objectives, interfaces…)
  • The ability to relate organization with talents – leveraging internal talents, accelerating the hiring process through clear job descriptions, and when needed securing rapid change by proposing interim managers through Emerton Leadership, our interim and transition management arm.
  • A strong emphasis on change management, to quickly refocus the new organization on its tasks

Process Excellence & Cost-Reduction Plans

Beyond transverse transformation capabilities, Emerton successfully supported industrial and service clients on very specific process excellence programs, e.g.:

  • Process digitalization, e.g. handing commercial teams the proper digital tools to take the appropriate decisions in client negotiations
  • Supply chain processes, e.g. to improve the On Time In Full performance of a client losing market share from performance below client requirements
  • Support functions optimization, e.g. supporting the offshoring and outsourcing of some purchasing processes

Emerton teams have also conducted numerous global cost reduction plans (COGS, industrial fixed costs, support functions) focused on both Opex and Capex


The track record of Emerton in Purchasing is centered on advanced purchasing strategies, beyond traditional category optimization, such as:

  • Purchasing partnerships building – e.g. in a situation where critical quality testing tasks had to be transferred to selected qualified suppliers
  • New purchasing organization – e.g. outsourcing the purchasing process of high diversity / low volume / low value items for a chemical manufacturer
  • Redesign to cost of industrial products systems facing increased global competitions and challenge on their true differentiation beyond price

The Emerton teams also have a strong experience in more traditional category optimization in many fields requiring a deep business understanding (e.g. optimization of fresh food product sourcing or of freight purchases, both in the context of a post-merger integration)

Industrial Strategy & Company Restructuring

Beyond crises (driving the need for turnaround plans) or PMI plans following acquisitions, clients leverage Emerton support to secure their long-term competitiveness through an adequate industrial strategy, typically considering:

  • Industrial footprint redesign
  • Asset sale or closure
  • Opening of new locations
  • Adjustment of the positioning on the value chain, e.g. through vertical integration
  • Set-up of  Joint-ventures or partnerships

Beyond designing and assessing such critical strategic moves with its clients, Emerton also has a strong track record in preparing or supporting the execution of such moves (e.g. identifying the right partner, then project-managing the set-up of a Joint Venture)

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