Data-Driven Pricing

Pricing is a critical aspect of a business's success, as it has a direct impact on revenue and profitability.

Setting the wrong price can result in lost sales and reduced profit margins, while setting the right price can drive customer loyalty and increase market share.

We offer a strong expertise in leveraging data and analytics to develop effective pricing strategies that are tailored to your specific needs:

  • How should you price your products or services to maximize revenue and profitability?
  • How can you adjust your pricing strategy to better compete with in your market?
  • How sensitive are your customers to changes in pricing, and what impact does this have on your revenue?
  • What is the optimal pricing strategy to achieve your growth targets?
  • What is the most effective pricing strategy to increase your customers’ loyalty?
  • How can you use pricing to target different customer segments and improve your market share?
  • What are the pricing trends in your industry, and how can you adjust your strategy to stay ahead of the curve?

We support our clients in their pricing transformation journey at various stages:

  • Structure of available data to build an exploitable database
  • Performance of deep sales and offer analysis and visualization
  • Pricing maturity assessment
  • Identification of pricing opportunities and item-level pricing recommendations
  • Build of pricing strategies and implementation of pricing models
  • Organization of workshops to support the buy-in of the different internal and/or external stakeholders
  • Development of data platforms to support item-level pricing recommendations
  • Support on building a team to keep the data structure active and performing how it should
Each of our projects is shaped to your specific context and needs, and usually considers

Objectives & Scope

Definition of the project objectives and scope.

This involves aligning on the business problem our project aims to solve, your vision of the project success and the data needed to support the needed analyses

Collections & Analysis

Collection and analyze of available data on your market, customers, and competition.

This may include conducting internal and external surveys, analyzing transaction data, and gathering information on competitors' pricing strategies

Data will be cleaned, organized, and analyzed using statistical and machine learning techniques to identify patterns and insights

Statistical analysis is a core technique used in data-driven pricing projects. This involves using statistical methods to identify patterns and relationships in the data, such as correlations between pricing and customer behavior.

Machine learning techniques are also commonly used in data-driven pricing projects. This involves using algorithms to automatically identify patterns in the data and make predictions about future pricing trends or customer behavior.

Development & Follow up

Development of pricing models based on the insights gained from the data analysis

Models are tailored to your specific context and strategy, and may include cost-plus, value-based, or dynamic pricing models, among others

Data visualization is used to communicate the insights gained from the data analysis to your stakeholders. This involves creating visualizations such as charts, graphs, and heat maps to help you understand the data and the pricing strategy recommendations

Models will be evaluated and refined through simulations and A/B testing to ensure they are effective in achieving our project objectives

A/B testing is a technique used to evaluate the effectiveness of different pricing strategies. This involves randomly assigning customers to different pricing groups and comparing the results to determine which pricing strategy is most effective

Regular alignments ensure our propositions are in line with your needs

Implementation & Monitoring

Implement the new pricing strategy and monitor its performance

This involves tracking your sales and revenue, analyzing customer feedback, and making adjustments as needed to ensure the pricing strategy is delivering your desired outcomes

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