Nicolas Weissberg

Nicolas Weissberg is a Partner in the New York office.

Nicolas has a 15-year experience in strategy consulting (OC&C, Emerton) and focuses on supporting mid- and large-sized companies in the identification of their competitive advantages and the definition of their growth strategies in the Consumer, Media and Industrial goods sectors.

Across sectors, Nicolas has a particular interest in helping French companies enter (organically or through M&A) and/or successfully develop their business in the US market.

He led numerous Private Equity assignments, both on the buy and sale sides. By focusing on what really matters in the investment thesis, Nicolas works with clients to thoroughly assess the strategic value of potential acquisition targets. He has been involved in many successful transactions.

Nicolas holds a Master’s Degree from HEC School of Management in Paris.

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EV charging infrastructure opportunity in the U.S.

Decarbonizing the transportation industry, in part through the wider adoption of EVs, will be key to reach the US’s net zero goal by 2050.

The EV industry is still relatively small, but has been experiencing rapid growth, with total U.S. sales, including PHEVs (Plug-in Hybrids) and BEVs (Battery Electric Vehicles), reaching ~1.1 million units in 2022 or 6.7% of total US car sales, up from only ~308,000 in 2020 and ~18,000 in 2011.

This growth is expected to continue and even accelerate going forward.

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Develop a winning account-centric strategy

Too often, businesses which sell their products through distributors and other retailers spend significant resources calling on accounts serviced by them, trying to avoid a black box effect.

However, they do so without knowing exactly if they are doing it in the most efficient way, thus missing opportunities to target the accounts with the most potential.

Siloed stakeholders, uncoordinated spending, lack of visibility into profitability and no tracking of marketing and commercial actions lead to frustration from the accounts and eventually to lost business.

In this document, we present how a winning account-centric strategy creates a system where all stakeholders work efficiently to grow share at the accounts, renewing their competitive advantage, fueling profitable growth and generating overall better ROI on marketing and sales expenditures.

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Finding Diamonds in the rough with the demand map: an effective and efficient screen

To bridge the growth gap vs. small players, strategic investors in CPG, Retail, and Food & Beverage need a map that drives a more effective and efficient process to identify future winners.