Creation and build-up of a Corporate Venture Capital
Advisory of a CVC over the span of 8 years
Context & Objectives

A top-tier worldwide Wine and Spirits player initiated a growth strategy todevelop beyond its core business of liquids in bottles, through investments in the start-up ecosystem


Client now has a worldwide  state-of-art CVC leading new businesses and innovative commercial  developments for the Group, and has grown over 8-fold.




Our approach

Step 1: Panorama of the relevant ecosystem in Silicon Valley

· Interviews of main actors of the Consumer / Retail VC and start-up ecosystem

· Analysis of all relevant VCs in which to invest


Step 2: Selection of CVC set-up

· Building of several options toleverage the start-up ecosystem to achieve strategic and financial goals

· Recommendation of set-up to be selected


Step 3: Set-up and organization of new CVC arm

· Designed an organization and ways-of-working of the new CVC

· Prepared recommendations for the ExCom and the Board for a new team and initial funding of $50M


Step 3: International roll-out

· Design international growth plan for the CVC in key geographies beyond the US: China, Europe, South-East Asia

Our experts
Dan Dannenberg
Sebastien Plessis