Supply Chain Modelling and Optimization
Enhancing Planning and Logistics Capabilities for Agricultural Commodity Transformation
Context & Objectives

The client is a leading player in the transformation of agricultural commodities. They have faced large challenges in serving clients due to unexpected product shortages, or to the lack of capacity to timely ship products

The project objective is to enhance the long and short term planning capabilities, through the development of a tool anticipating both stocks level and logistics constraints


Planning capabilities improvement, leading to increased sales and client satisfaction : 90% reduction of non-delivered volumes in the first year

The tool is used as a “single source of truth” for all logistics related data, also facilitating the alignment of stakeholders on a unified process

Our approach

Step 1 - Audit

  • Audit of existing supply chain practices around planning and shipping functions
  • Mapping of client’s logistics infrastructure (silos and storage cells, means of transport…) including a fine vision of industrial constraints (capacities and capabilities)

Step 2 - Build

  • Development of a digital twin, taking into account hundreds of parameters impacting product flows from producers to silos and from silos to customer
  • Design of a Stock Cockpit tool in 20 weeks. Tool developed in agile mode, in contact with Supply Chain team users, taking into account the specificities of the sites and prioritizing based on the business value provided

Step 3 - Pilot

  • Released stock prediction and planification optimization features
  • Improved decision making in planning through predictive and optimization modules
  • Alignment of management practices

Our experts
Pascal Simon
Aimé Lachapelle