Smart water growth strategy in the US
Strategy turned VDD
Context & Objectives

A worldwide Utility leader has a small but growing business in Digital water. Objective was to build a platform for a step-change in growth.


Clientexecuted the strategy on Automated Metering Infrastructure and turned a burgeoning product line into a scaled profitable business unit.

Emerton’s work was instrumental in boosting the subsequent valuation of the Smart water businessas part of its sales process.

Our approach

Step 1: Get the lay of the land

- Segmentation of the Smart water  landscape

-  Interviews and desk research to  understand market size and potential

- Voice-of-Customer analysis of  needs and supplier selection criteria

- Mapping of the battlefield


Step 2: Design of the business models

-  Building of a relevant and  differentiated offering

-  Design of several business growth  options: in-house vs. buy and build vs. transformational M&A

-  Target selection and buy-and-build  plan design

-  Design of the sales and delivery  business model where relevant


Step 3: Recommendation for a strategy in  Smart water

-  Design of the strategic plan in  Smart water

-  Preparation of documents for the ExCom

Our experts
Dan Dannenberg
Managing Partner
Nicolas Weissberg