International IoT strategy design for a telecom operator
Context & Objectives

Emerton supported a European Telecomoperator in the design of its IoT strategy and go-to-market to seizeInternet-of-things opportunity and generate additional growth.


·       Strategy validated by the ExCom

·       Clarified strategic positioning

·       Refocused commercial and R&D efforts

·       3 priority target segments with a rationale and first commercial leads

Our approach

Step 1 – IoT ecosystem analysis:

·       Value chain mapping

·       Rules of the game and market trends

·       Competitive environment analysis

·       Benchmark of existing technologies


Step 2 –  IoT use cases prioritization

·       Target segment (use case x vertical) selection

·       Customer voice

·       Requirements and key success factors


Step 3 – Go-to-market strategy

·       Priority targets

·       Channels and partners

·       Offer roadmap

·       Business Plan

Our experts
François De Leo
Associate Partner