Building a Nuclear Waste Management business in the US, UK and Canada
Context & Objectives

Client wants to gain a detailed  understanding of market opportunities to gauge the options to build merchant treatment plants for an innovative process of Low Level Radioactive Waste and  obtain financing for these assets


Client signed an agreement and invested in a joint-venture in the UK with EDF, a major utility partner

Successful businesses also built in the US and Canada.

Our approach

Step 1: Develop a market overview “Where toplay”

-  Conducted interviews with majorcustomers and competitors, including regulatory bodies and major utilityoperators

-  Assessed the addressable volumes

-  Determined pricing and mapped marketopportunities by vertical


Step 2: Deep-dive into select verticals“How to win”

-  Defined detailed sectoropportunities

-  Analyzed the competitive landscape


Step 3: Design strategy options and build business cases

-  Developed business cases for each of the opportunities

-  Priority-ranked the various opportunities and recommended most important projects in which to invest

- Designed the action plan including potential partnerships

Our experts
Dan Dannenberg
Managing Partner
Nicolas Weissberg