At a glance

Emerton is a global high-standard strategy consulting firm.

Our team is mobilized to bring speed to a few clients in each of the sectors we cover, both in their strategic decision-making and in the delivery of their plans. We line-up a unique set of capabilities and track record on high stake assignments with our clients.

Initially founded to bring, on selected industrial and Tech sectors, the service level of large reference strategy consulting firms while bringing higher value and better return on investment, Emerton quickly paved its own path. It established a culture of its own, working with large corporations, family businesses and technology entrepreneurs, combining deep sector expertise to agile and pragmatic approaches.

Our clients reflect our global nature. Roughly half are Europe-based, a third from the Americas, the remainder being based in Asia, Middle East or Africa. For them, with a one-office culture, we can flexibly mobilize the best fitted-team, with the appropriate functional and sector expertise.

The quality of our people is the cornerstone of our ability to serve our clients. We aggregated a team of individuals combining high seniority and deep expertise in their respective fields, highest ethical and professional standards.

International reach

Global consultancy with operations across all continents

  • Emerton serves a diversified portfolio of global clients headquartered
    in Europe, North America, MEA and Asia.
  • All our assignments are global by essence, as we accompany international corporations
    on the path of top-line growth across all geographies or help them streamline some of their global processes.
  • International background of our partners and consultants; 15 languages spoken
  • In particular, we developed a specific expertise on emerging markets.
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Meet some of our global team

Franck Abihssira


Quentin Adam


Rajae Bahir


Michelle Bandarra

Case Team Leader

Raghav Bansal


Claire Bisiaux

Global Talent Director

Julie Caredda


Haithem Choukatli

Project Manager

Emilio de Bustamante

Senior Consultant

Dan Dannenberg


Adrien de Durfort


Gustave Denis

Consultant & Sr Data scientist

Steffen Krause


Axel Ghanimi

Case Team Leader

Götz Giering

Senior Associate Consultant

Aimé Lachapelle


François De Leo

Associate Partner

Yannick Leo

Director Data Science

Andre-Jacques Odent


Ugo Philippart

Associate Partner

Julie Pichoud

Senior Associate Consultant

Sebastien Plessis


François Sfarti


Pascal Simon


Matthias Tim Wartenberg


Nicolas Weissberg


Sebastien Zimmer


EMERTON way of impact

What we deliver

Our unique enablers

Decision-driven analytics

  • Clear & ExCom-level strategies and insights,
    to accelerate and secure the decision process

Support & additional firepower to accelerate the delivery of plans

  • Framing, PMO, steering and execution support for transformation or performance plans
  • Support to business development

Strategic excellence

  • Highest industry standards

Data analytics

  • Rigorous, fact-based approaches

Sector expertise

  • Hands-on senior team

Partnering with clients

  • Trusted advisor in co-creation mode

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