Julie Caredda

Julie Caredda is a partner at Emerton Data. She has over twenty years' experience in data, digital and new technology consulting. She has worked with CAC40, SBF 120 and mid-sized companies in a wide range of sectors, helping clients define and deploy their strategy to increase growth, reduce costs and better control business risks through new technologies and data.

Prior to joining Emerton Data, Julie was Partner and Head of the Center of Excellence (CoE) for Artificial Intelligence, Data andEmerging Technologies at KPMG France. Her team included architects, engineers, developers, data scientists and modelers.

She was involved in extensive foresight work and analysis of technological developments impacting different business sectors, as well as identifying the needs of companies undergoing rapid change. She has led end-to-end projects involving data and technology, enabling data and digital success. With her team, she designs artificial intelligences to improve business processes (purchasing, sales, finance, marketing, human resources, operations and internal control).

She was also responsible for KPMG France's Digital lab dedicated to major technological changes (AI, Connected Objects, 5G, Voice/NaturalLanguage Processing, Drones, Blockchain, Augmented and VirtualReality, Cloud, Cyber-security, 3D Printing)Julie then worked for nearly three years in the field of new technologies applied to the world of culture and contemporary art, andin particular on the themes of blockchain, NFT, and more recently generative AI for creation.

She has in-depth knowledge of the insurance and banking, consumer goods, luxury goods and transportation sectors.

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