Emerton has developed a strong expertise in assessing B2B SaaS and software markets and companies.

The Software experience of Emerton Partners spans across multiple horizontal software markets, including for example:

  • Legal and Compliance software
  • Customer Communication software
  • Supply Chain software
  • Accounting & Finance software
  • Product Lifecyle Management

Emerton has covered numerous vertical software markets, leveraging its expertise of the underlying sector stemming from other Emerton Practices:

  • Energy software
  • Healthcare software / Digital Health
  • Construction software
  • Aerospace and Transport software
  • Automotive software
  • AgriTech

We support investors and companies, either pure-play software publishers or diversified groups in assessing software markets and businesses, by:

  1. Building a clear and quantified view of the market and company positioning
  • TAM and market penetration
  • Market drivers and growth
  • Customer voice
  • Competitive benchmarking and dynamics

  1. Designing or challenging the go-to-market strategy
  • Value proposition
  • Business model & pricing
  • Client segment prioritization
  • Sales & marketing strategy and organization (including indirect channels)

  1. Identifying and assessing growth avenues and trajectory
  • International expansion
  • Build-up strategy and target screening
  • Adjacent markets
  • Business Plan construction

Emerton leverages its dedicated Data Science and IA unit, Emerton Data, to provide an assessment of:

  • Technical capabilities (product and teams)
  • Product roadmap
  • Platform robustness and scalability
  • Data / IA assessment (assets, maturity, use cases)

Our Experts

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Associate Partner
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Managing Partner
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Managing Partner
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