Strategic review of hazardous waste market in South Africa
Context & Objectives

A major waste management company is seeking to enter specific segments of the hazardous waste market in South Africa.

Emerton mandate is to give a robust and quantified view of the effectively accessible market, and to propose route-to-market options.


Clear view on market dynamics, associated opportunities & risks

Vetted acquisition decision of identified target, with post-acquisition development plan

Our approach
Step 1: Analyze the regulatory framework, expected changes and implementation practices

- Interviews with local public authorities

- Insights from market players on implementation level for key regulatory measures

Step 2: Perform in-depth analysis of the hazardous waste market at national level

-  Assessment of market size based on data gathered from market participants

-  Reconstruction of prices and economics of various options for waste producers

- Focus on cement manufacturers’ current/potential role in the HW market

Step 3: Assess potential business development options in a specific area

-  Deep dive on 5 customers segments

-  Detailed analysis of local HW production / practices per segment

- Qualification of addressable market based on identified development options

Our experts
Pascal Simon
Managing Partner
Sebastien Plessis
Managing Partner