Renewable Energy

Solar energy

Emerton’s expertise spans the entire solar value chain from component manufacturing, module manufacturing (e.g silicon, thin-film, HPV), system integration and project development to power generation.

We have been very active in the cell manufacturing and solar materials for several years.

As an illustration, we performed the strategic due diligence of a new high-efficiency solar PV cell. We analyzed the international market trends, the solar project developers’ expectations and needs, and the cost positioning of the new cell technology.  We also conducted a thorough analysis of the Chinese cell manufacturing landscape and its evolution.

Wind energy

We have been engaged along the entire wind value chain from upstream materials, component manufacturing and integration to downstream project development, power generation, EPC, logistics and O&M services.

We are focused on the utility-scale segment in both onshore and offshore wind – but also performed market studies on small and midscale wind turbines.

For example, in the context of a strategic turnaround, Emerton assisted the CEO of a Wind turbine manufacturer in the design of the company’s strategic plan and performed several focused analyses (e.g. Chinese landscape).

Emerton also performed the strategic due diligence of a condition-monitoring solution provider for the wind industry. We interviewed Wind manufacturers globally to understand the customer voice, gauge the company’s competitive positioning and assess the market potential.

Our Experts

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Associate Partner
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Managing Partner
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