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Emerton ranked among the "Leading" Strategy Consulting firms for Mergers & Acquisitions in the last ranking of Leadersleague (top 5)

November 2021 - To bridge the growth gap vs. small players, strategic investors in CPG, Retail, and Food & Beverage need a map that drives a more effective and efficient process to identify future winners

Emerton consistently ranked Leading for strategy consulting in industrial sectors, among top 4 strategy consulting firms.

Emerton named among the top 20 consulting firms in Europe by Vault in 2021 Vault issue and ranked #4 for Recruitment selectivity

February 2020 - How a winning account-centric strategy creates a system where all stakeholders work efficiently to grow share at the accounts, renewing their competitive advantage, fueling profitable growth and generating overall better ROI on marketing and sales expenditures.

Jan. 2020 European LNG imports have more than doubled during the first three quarters of 2019 when compared to 2018. Europe started playing the role of a balancing market absorbing the excess LNG volumes. In the longer run, LNG imports in Europe are expected to become increasingly needed rather than being an option.

December 2019 - Technological improvement combined with R&D efforts on operational costs and a much larger addressable market than when Concorde flew may revive civilian supersonic aviation in the coming years.

February 25th 2020 - Emerton ranked in top 4 strategy consulting firms for industrial sectors by French rating company Leadersleague (2020 ranking)

June 2019 – Emerton ranked among top 10 consulting firms for Private Equity by Leadersleague, the French rating agency for professional services.

May 2019 - Emerton strategic advisor for Tikehau Capital in Addev Materials transaction. Emerton performed the Strategic Due diligence.

May 2019 - European LNG imports have surged during the first quarter of 2019. Some EU wholesale gas markets have been more attractive than others in absorbing these additional LNG volumes. What are the key differentiation factors enhancing the attractiveness of the European regasification terminals?

April 2019 Top providers of strategic consultancy services to the manufacturing and industrials sector.

March 2019 | Emerton acted as strategic advisor for Mirova and Asterion in Proxiserve acquisition

March 2019 - To improve their mobility offering, Public Transport Authorities need to consider innovative solutions to build complementary and coherent ecosystems and eventually ensure the best experience to residents and visitors.

January 2019 - Emerton acted as strategic advisor to Argos Wityu in the sale of a majority stake in Revima to Ardian. Emerton carried out the Vendor Due Diligence

January 2019 - The upcoming expiry of long-term capacity bookings at European cross-border points may lead to an increase in market spreads between the most liquid hubs of Northwest Europe. Such a scenario would have substantial impact on the various players in the gas value chain.