Vendor assistance

Exit strategy: assessing separability, drawing high-level separation plans, evaluating divestiture options (outright sale, spin-off, equity carve-out, IPO)  and types of potential buyers (strategic, financial, …), assessing risks and possible side-effects, building the exit story, defining the business being divested, assessing viability as a standalone business, pre-divesture action plan.

Joint development of the business plan: the business plan is the backbone of the divestiture, it must be founded on strong assumptions and investor-proof.

We decompose the plan into key assumptions and solidify them. We take on the role of an external challenger and bring an outside-in view… we work with our clients to uncover possible neglected top-line potential and operations improvement potential.

Equity story and marketing materials: helping the seller craft an attractive and convincing equity story and building the fact-base material or marketing material (IM or Management presentation), preparing the material for the dataroom and Q&A sessions, to increase investor understanding of the business and confidence.

Carve-out preparation: developing a carve-out blueprint, considering capabilities and constraints of the separate entity, and ensuring that it has the resources and functions needed on a stand-alone basis, redesigning business relations with former parent, creating a standalone BP, with quantified economic impact of the carve-out.

PMO support: setting up and running a process management office for the carve-out or divestiture process.

Identification of potential buyers: given our strong knowledge in our sectors’ ecosystem, we frequently provide ideas of potential buyers and prepare customized approach materials. We also perform proactive buyer screening.