Telecom operators

Rethinking the strategy

To deal with a fluid environment, technological trends and new customer usage, telecom operators must rethink their strategy: positioning, partnerships, innovative business models, new markets, integration (F/M – Cable/Telecom – Telco/IT), innovation, devices, spectrum, and new value propositions.  Some have adopted an exclusive B2C strategy, but most are targeting B2B and B2G customers. For some, data centers that support the cloud business have become a key product line.

As the industry is consolidating, operators need M&A support: due diligence, business plans, synergies evaluation to back-up the asset price and post-merger integration plans.


Exploring new growth drivers

Revenue has plateaued with competitive deflation and new growth drivers must be found :  innovative and converged products, tariffs and services associated with higher speed, M2M, mPayments, and vertical-market opportunities. Focus on B2B, especially SME, is also required.

To match the challenge from the customers and the competitors, Marketing, Sales and Customer Care must adapt:

  • Brand management
  • Customer segmentation and social media marketing
  • Retention programs
  • Multi-channel distribution
  • Customer relation models (B2C and B2B)
  • New economic models associated with FTTH,…


Performance improvement

The industry is experiencing a price deflation that brings to the fore the importance of operational efficiency in all the operator functions. For example:

  • Marketing: acquisition and retention costs efficiency, value propositions for mobile and internet, bundling propositions
  • Network: access network sharing and spectrum sharing
  • IT: open source approach for large projects