The telecom industry is still in a state of reinvention

The telecom industry has gone through incredible changes in the recent past: faster fixed and mobile networks, new devices with multi-play boxes and smartphones, and innovative value propositions. The industry has had to address growing worldwide communities at cheaper prices, and improve its quality of service and delivery.

After the convergence of fixed and mobile operators, the telecom industry is now consolidating with cable TV (and vice-versa). This answer to competition, including Over-The-Top actors, allows merging of customer databases, reducing Opex (especially content costs), optimizing investment and preparing a future involving, for example 5G (high speed mobile streaming), FTTH (Gigabit per second at home), financial services, IoT, eCommerce, …

In this constant state of reinvention, Emerton provides operators adaptive strategy and anticipation support.

Emerton brings a blend of strategy consulting professionals and telecom practical experience as CEO or senior executive. It enables a constant decrypting of sector evolution and an intimate understanding of client needs.