Sustainable mobility

With half a million Electric Vehicles sold globally last year and 2016 first half figures showing a 50% growth on last year, e-mobility is building momentum and even the most skeptical OEMs are announcing electric drivetrains before the end of the decade.

With this specific ecosystem including battery manufacturers and charging infrastructure specialists, e-mobility requires a collaborative approach far away from the ICE model.

As some Asian manufacturers invest in an alternative fuel cell solution, the question is, will H2 mobility follow the same trend.

Moreover, GNV is demonstrating its effectiveness as a sustainable solution for heavy loads such as trucks, buses or LCVs.

With its deep understanding of these alternative drivetrains Emerton can bring decisive support to accelerate growth in sustainable mobility.

Emerton’s expertise in sustainable mobility includes:

  • Strategy:
    • Technological roadmap
    • M&A screening and strategic due diligence
    • Organizational design
    • Partnership set up and governance
    • Charging infrastructure
    • Regulation design
  • Sales acceleration & marketing:
    • Go to Market planning
    • Sales channel
    • B2B approach
    • Innovative pricing models
    • Customer journey optimization


Recent case examples:

  • Strategic due diligence of a hydrogen mobility player
  • Screening of potential suppliers and competitors’ strategy in lithium-ion batteries
  • Partner experience as a former head of Electric Vehicles for a major manufacturer