Environment and strategic prospective analysis

Speed of change in markets is rising, with trends and new entrants that disrupt established businesses.

Business leaders ask us for competitive analysis and benchmarks to assess their competitive positions, with a growing need for a broader analysis of the competitive arena, beyond direct competitors, in order to anticipate new forms of competition.

We also perform prospective analyses of businesses and markets to:

  • Understand the market’s attractiveness and model the evolution of the profit pool
  • Assess the evolution of the competitive positioning of the company
  • Identify threats
  • Capture new opportunities and fuel a pipeline of new competitive advantages

These prospective analyses are tailored to our clients’ needs. Our clients appreciate the quality of the data we gather, the quality of our analyses and the insights and synthetic views we bring but also our ability to derive strategic implications for their business.

As an illustration, we recently performed:

  • a global prospective analysis of the core businesses of an energy player
  • a competitor benchmark analysis in aerospace & defense