Strategic diagnosis

Shareholders, CEO or Business Units managers experience the need for a company or a business to perform a strategic diagnosis.

In some business environments, e.g. global corporations and private-equity backed midsize companies, it is seen as a necessary exercise even for well-performing companies and assets, in order to get an external and challenging view, to realign some business levers with customer expectations,  and to identify untapped potential and optimization opportunities.

When there are business issues or low performance, the strategic diagnosis will identify misalignments with customer expectations and understand issues, find solutions and improvement levers and clarify the need to adapt the development model.

Emerton has a strong expertise in strategic diagnosis, both as a standalone project or embedded as a first phase of a strategic plan or a full potential plan.

We have a distinctive track record in performing strategic diagnosis. Emerton’s strategy professionals  have proven their capabilities over hundreds of projects in analyzing the environment and competitive positioning, decrypting the customer voice and analyzing the company’s positioning on key success factors and identifying business misalignments.  They can mobilize, when relevant, experienced in-house CEOs or business functions experts.

As an illustration of its experience, Emerton performed the strategic diagnosis of :

  • a midsized wholesaler of spare parts
  • an automotive supplier