Support in REMIT proceedings – Regulation

Compliance is an essential component of market players reputation on energy wholesale markets

As the number of inquiries related to REMIT compliance is gradually increasing on European gas & power markets, market players who are under investigation of NRAs for alleged breach of REMIT need to rely on robust quantitative analyses from the very first steps of the pre-trial phase.

Emerton provides distinctive expert support to market players who are under investigation for alleged breaches of REMIT and potential market manipulation. Such alleged manipulative behaviors may notably include capacity hoarding, layering, spoofing or marking-the-close behaviors.

Emerton’s unique approach combines in-depth market expertise and advanced data analytics

In close cooperation with international law firms, we provide technical and economical expert support through the unparallel combination of market expertise in both gas & power wholesale markets and targeted use of advanced data analytics.

Our team of experts and data scientists provide quantitative and market-based insights resulting from the processing of large data sets including market orders, transactions and use of physical assets and infrastructures. Moreover, the use of advanced pre-processing of both market and infrastructure-related data enables to factor-in the still largely physical nature of European gas & power wholesale markets.

Emerton Data’s expertise in advanced statistical tools such as time-lagged correlations, Granger’s causality test and multivariate analyses strongly reinforces credibility and robustness of analyses.

We are intervening from the pre-trial phase till the adversarial proceedings

We provide robust and opposable results through independent, fact-based and clear technical reports and analyses from support to preventive market monitoring to formal proceedings.