Rail and public transportation

With the perspective of open competition in the coming years the rail sector continues to seek operational optimization and scale, with inroads in new markets. Facing a fast-changing competition landscape, public transportation companies are looking at decreasing operating costs and improving customer satisfaction. Meanwhile digital mobility players and low cost offers such as long distance buses apply further pressure to accelerate change.

Emerton has a distinctive track record in supporting rail and public transportation players in several dimensions:

  • Strategy:
    • Value chain extension
    • Post-merger integration
    • Corporate open-innovation
    • Digital transformation
  • Sales acceleration & marketing:
    • Growth strategy and international roll-out
    • Pricing models
    • Go to Market plans and implementation
  • Performance improvement:
    • Predictive maintenance
    • Organization

Recent case examples:

  • Analysis of the global High Speed Train Market and assessment of the business Plan of an OEM
  • Diagnosis of a Public Transport Authority performance and benchmark with European peers
  • US development strategy in bus an rail for an urban mobility operator