Organizational changes are pointless until they improve the company’s competitiveness – many will fail to do so.

Beyond new organization design (based on a deep understanding of client specifics, of the strategy to be achieved, and of industry benchmarks), Emerton focuses on the elements that will truly enable the new organization to be implemented and increase competitiveness:

  • A full clarification of working modes (roles and responsibilities, individual mandate and objectives, interfaces…)
  • The ability to relate organization with talents – leveraging internal talents, accelerating the hiring process through clear job descriptions, and when needed securing rapid change by proposing interim managers through Emerton Leadership, our interim and transition management arm.
  • A strong emphasis on change management, to quickly refocus the new organization on its tasks

Recent case example: Redesign of the operations organization of an industrial company switching from manufacturing and supply chain embedded in Business Unit silos to a single integrated Operations organization, under a newly hired COO