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Emerton is one of the few global, high-standard strategy consulting firms.

Emerton provides strategy advisory services to a diverse portfolio of companies across North America, including several medium-sized to Global 1,000 and Private Equity clients in the US, Canada and Mexico.

Whether crafting an international expansion strategy, performing due diligence, designing a global innovation plan or leading a digital transformation, Emerton believes that the best way to solve high-stake strategic problems is through a:

In North America, Emerton is most active in the following sectors: Consumer Goods, Retail, Mobility, and Industrials.

Emerton regularly publishes thought-leadership pieces that help business leaders understand the unique challenges and opportunities in North America, with a special focus on European companies growing in the U.S.


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Nicolas Weissberg

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Consumer goods
Food & Beverage
Luxury / Apparel

New York

New York

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