Mobility as a service

With private cars remaining idle 92% of the time, ownership is a questionable model. Hence have innovative mobility models such as carsharing or ride hailing been on the rise since the beginning of the decade. The pace is now accelerating dramatically with Uber emerging as a global winner of this shift towards Mobility as a Service (MaaS).  Vehicles manufacturers and Mobility operators have been frantic these last month in trying to grow their MaaS offer, as the numerous deals testify (VW/Gett, Uber/Toyota, GM/ Lyft, Keolis/Le Cab,…).

Emerton has a deep expertise of the Mobility value chain and can support your organization scan the venture opportunities, invest soundly, and design customer centric Maas business models. We bring speed and analytics to your effort to pivot to a service based model.


  • M&A screening and strategic due diligence
  • Organizational design
  • Partnership set up and governance
  • Value proposition analysis & Business Model design
  • Regulation design

Sales acceleration & marketing:

  • Market & customer insights
  • Go to Market planning
  • B2B approach
  • Innovative pricing models
  • Customer journey optimization
  • Aligning marketing and sales with innovations

Advanced PMO approach:

  • Prepare senior executive decision papers
  • Senior project management support