Midstream Gas and LNG

We combine operational, regulatory and strategic experience in the midstream Gas and LNG. We bring a global expertise of the sector from day 1, an in-depth understanding of its dynamics, and high-technicity in regulation, economics and technologies.

Emerton has been active with various midstream gas businesses: gas storage, gas transmission, LNG terminal, and performed several projects on new LNG developments: LNG-as-a-fuel for maritime and road transport, small-scale LNG for off-grid consumers, micro-liquefaction…

Emerton performed more than 20 projects over the last 3 years in the midstream gas and LNG for energy players and infrastructure operators:

  • Strategic planning
  • Modeling of long-term gas and LNG flows
  • Tariff negotiation support
  • Optimization and adaptation of regulated services
  • Business model adaptation
  • Analysis of adjacent businesses
  • Market entry opportunity in new businesses
  • Analysis of attractiveness of gas markets and related infrastructures