Litigation & Arbitration support expertise

Wholesale and retail market analysis

  • Analysis of the relevant wholesale market’s liquidity, transparency and market depth
  • Quantitative benchmark with other markets, cross-referenced analysis of public and specialized databases
  • Analysis of relevant retail markets or segments: in-depth analysis of public and regulatory documents, data-mining of relevant players’ answers to NRA’s past public consultations

Quantitative analysis of contract value

  • Detailed analysis of the contract and associated value chain, e.g. depending on the relevant value approach: netback or “economic equilibrium”
  • Economic evaluation of contractual options and flexibilities depending on the prevailing market conditions at the time of the Price Review. Stress tests and risk analysis

Preparation of defense opinions in arbitral court

  • Elaboration of interim analysis and position papers with the lawyers. Critical in-depth analysis of the opponent’s position
  • Submission of a detailed report to the arbitral court, cross-examination