Cutting-edge experience in New Mobilities

New mobilities

Several projects including:

Connected Mobility

  • Connected mobility ecosystem analysis and strategic implications for a mobility company
  • Partnership screening and set-up in Connected Mobility

Shared on-demand mobility

  • International development plan and business plan for a micro-transit solution
  • Detailed market and competitive analysis of the ride sharing for the commute in San Francisco and Tel Aviv
  • Strategic due diligence of a company in the Uber ecosystem
  • Strategic plan and pre-fund raising preparation for a start-up proposing electric mobility solutions for small & mid-size communities

Soft Mobility

  • Global strategic plan in soft mobility for a Mobility leader
  • Strategic options for a shared-soft-mobility solution provider

Autonomous Vehicle

  • Strategic Plan in autonomous vehicle for a mobility operator

The EV industry is still relatively small, but has been experiencing rapid growth, with total U.S. sales, including PHEVs (Plug-in Hybrids) and BEVs (Battery Electric Vehicles), reaching ~1.1 million units in 2022 or 6.7% of total US car sales, up from only ~308,000 in 2020 and ~18,000 in 2011. This growth is expected to continue and even accelerate going forward.

To improve their mobility offering, Public Transport Authorities need to consider innovative solutions to build complementary and coherent ecosystems and eventually ensure the best experience to residents and visitors.



Platform-based companies are leveraging technology and social behavior evolution to capture a growing share of the mobility value chain. Pressure is particularly strong on the mature automotive sector as it faces extraordinary challenges: User-centric mobility platforms are leveraging shared economy trends to attract urban customers Multimodal mobility operators are setting… Read More


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