Industrial strategy and company restructuring

Beyond crises (driving the need for turnaround plans) or PMI plans following acquisitions, clients leverage Emerton support to secure their long-term competitiveness through an adequate industrial strategy, typically considering:

  • Industrial footprint redesign
  • Asset sale or closure
  • Opening of new locations
  • Adjustment of the positioning on the value chain, e.g. through vertical integration
  • Set-up of  Joint-ventures or partnerships

In such a context, Emerton emphasizes the assessment of economics (including related sensitivities and risks) to ensure the maximum value from the strategic move.

Beyond designing and assessing such critical strategic moves with its clients, Emerton also has a strong track record in preparing or supporting the execution of such moves (e.g. identifying the right partner, then project-managing the set-up of a Joint Venture)

Recent case example: Preparation of the spin-off, then strategic vendor due-diligence for a plant of a metallic materials manufacturer