Energy services

Emerton’s expertise spans the entire energy service scope of activities ranging from energy efficiency solutions, district heating & cooling, HVAC and electrical installation, engineering, and industrial utility management for energy intensive installation both in tertiary building, cities infrastructure or industry.

Energy Services are at the forefront of the Energy Transition being mainly driven by energy efficiency acceleration trend.

Mostly people intensive and very local, this business requires in-depth understanding of local on-field service business eco-system, regulations and industry specific requirements.

Dynamics both in terms of cost optimization and offering innovation are also strongly driven by the ability to fully leverage innovative digital solutions, with a client centric perspective.

We have been serving utility-scale players on the whole range of activity both to design their portfolio strategy, support their international development strategy either in mature (Europe, North America) or in emerging countries (Latin America, Africa, APAC).

This has been made possible through:

  • deep internal expertise in the several types of energy services
  • highly recognized capacity to execute international projects, including with the support of very experienced local partners throughout the word
  • robust methodologies built through a large number of assignments, primarily result-driven

We have been servicing several funds in their investment strategy in a large number of energy service related activities (Energy efficiency, Green IT, HVAC, Mobility, demand-response,…).

We are at the forefront on innovative technologies strongly impacting energy services especially with digital solutions both impacting site operations (intelligent energy monitoring, smart grid, hybrid sourcing management) and client offering, crossing Big data, IoT and intelligent software fitting with client process.