Enablement of new digital products and services

As can be seen with the GAFAs and the Unicorns, digital innovation benefits from unprecedented enablers: some examples include tools such as cloud infrastructure, technologies such as AI or big data, marketing virality through social networks or app stores, feedback channels thanks to data….

However, digital innovation also happens in an unforgiving environment: as competitors may constantly emerge with different business models, better focused value propositions, lower cost operating models…, digital products and services must be designed and launched with speed, agility, flexibility and scale in mind.

Emerton combines unparalleled experience of digital economics and digital strategies, deep understanding of usage and technology trends, and strong knowledge of agile innovation methods.

We help our clients shorten the time to market of successful digital products and services, through design phase (value proposition, business model,…), POC (Proof of Concept) launch and offer scaling.