How we support clients

The Emerton Operations and Performance team was established to bring to our clients the means to actually deliver their strategy through focused transformation of their organization and processes, or measurable cost reduction aimed at fueling further growth.

Emerton’s ways of working were designed to secure relevant, quick and long-lasting change while keeping the financial burden of the consulting support minimal:

  • Targeted, senior and expert support where – and only where – it counts: in framing or launching phases of transformation initiatives, for light PMO support or to take the lead on initiatives with exceptional challenges in project management or analytical requirements
  • Focus on team onboarding and change management – our clients want actual organization and process transformation, not slides

Our team and intervention modes have been set-up to ground the differentiation of Emerton’s approaches: senior staff heavily involved on projects, most of them  with dual industry / consulting experience, flexibly mobilized – from a fully-fledged consulting team, to topic experts, to interim managers through Emerton Leadership, our interim and transition management arm.


Process excellence and cost reduction plans

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Industrial strategy and company restructuring

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Emerton developed a digital twin to optimize logistics and storage costs in the agro-industry supply chain (with AI inside)

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