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The relation between marketing and clients has changed: the traditional sales cycle and processes are challenged by highly informed digitalized clients. In a post digital marketing age, the relevance of a distinction between B2B /B2C marketing is fading away as all clients expect brands to anticipate their needs and deliver seamless end-to-end customer journeys.

The gap is growing between agile, customer centric companies able to adapt to this fast moving scenario and the rest of the competition.

Emerton can support organizations in leveraging their customer knowledge and their data, upgrading and optimizing their value proposition, and focusing on marketing initiatives with a high ROI.

Emerton can help you turn marketing into a more effective revenue generator.

February 2020 - How a winning account-centric strategy creates a system where all stakeholders work efficiently to grow share at the accounts, renewing their competitive advantage, fueling profitable growth and generating overall better ROI on marketing and sales expenditures.


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