Buy-side support

Strategic and commercial due diligence

We have a highly experienced team in commercial due diligence:

  • Focus on critical questions
  • Strongly analytical
  • Track record in complex and markets which are not documented
  • Quantification of niche markets.

Regulatory due diligence

Combined with our Regulatory practice team, we have a distinctive expertise enabling use to drill-down regulatory issues.

Operations due diligence

Combined with our Operations practice team, on some deals, we also perform a due diligence on operations,  including bottom line and performance plan reviews.

Full potential analysis: upside assessment review and operations improvement potential

We quantify upsides and analyze the requirements to achieve them. We outline the leverage points to capture them and create a bridge to post-acquisition.

Build-up strategy and target screening

We frequently work with Corporations – and to a lesser extent with PE funds, in proactive target identification and screening, and in deal generation. Many buyers and investors seek a proactive approach, identifying potential value creation opportunities and targets that make sense within the company’s overall business portfolio. They don’t only focus on intermediated deals and don’t only rely on financial advisors to source deal opportunities.

On a specific target segment, technology or geography, or in edge or adjacent businesses, we map the market and screen and short-list the relevant potential targets for immediate in-depth analysis or continuous tracking.

Target identification can be derived from gap analysis, portfolio review and strategic plans, including market segments in which we assess what the acquisition path could bring and hence accelerate growth.