Deep change looms in the automotive industry’s horizon.

Mobility as a service and low emission regulatory policies are challenging the very essence of the automotive model. Vehicle manufacturers and suppliers seek to preserve their position as well as learn to compete with digital agile competitors promoting a vision of the vehicle as mobile IOT device.

Distribution and after sales are also affected as omni-channel models and predictive maintenance help new entrants grow thanks to revisited customer experiences.

Emerton has demonstrated the ability to support corporations, midsize players and technology companies in the following fields:

  • Strategy:
    • Mobility value chain extension
    • Corporate open-innovation
    • Digital transformation
    • Organizational design and governance
  • Sales acceleration & marketing:
    • Consumer and customer segmentation
    • Price and promotional strategies
    • Connected retail
    • Go to Market planning
    • Trade marketing
    • Customer journey optimization
    • Marketing spend optimization
  • Performance improvement:
    • Predictive maintenance
    • Sales force efficiency
    • Distribution costs reduction
    • R&D and Program