Adjacencies and new market entry

Business leaders are frequently exploring beyond their core business, edge and adjacent businesses opportunities. Examples include:

  • a company that faces a declining core business requiring new growth avenues to initiate a renewal
  • a company that explores additional revenues and full potential
  • a company that explores new applications and markets for an innovation or savoir-faire

Emerton brings decision-driven analytics to assess the opportunity of an adjacent business for the company, and increases speed in:

  • market and strategic fit analysis
  • prioritization and selection of adjacencies
  • making the case for an adjacency and assessing the size of the prize
  • identifying the conditions for success
  • once decided, designing the development plan and calibrating the resources needed

Emerton has a distinctive track record in:

  • decrypting the rules of the game of niche (mostly not-documented) markets, and uncovering facts, quantitative data and other material enabling market sizing
  • assisting leaders in exploring business adjacencies and building new businesses
  • analyzing the strategic fit and the conditions of success

Emerton’s experience has enabled it to build strong methodologies to bring efficient and impactful support.