Acceleration of innovation delivery and market access


Emerton accelerates the innovation evaluation and improves the marketing of individual innovation initiatives through on-the-ground analysis and action plans; in some cases, this acceleration may come in the form of external innovation.

Innovation project management

Support to product development

  • Overall product development cycle management support
  • Competitive product analysis
  • Specification support
  • Costing

Value proposition analysis and adaptation

  • Market and customer voice analysis
  • Support to consumer research and market testing

Business model design

  • Making economics work
  • Supply chain design for launch and scale up
  • Coordination between supply chain and commercial

Market access strategy

  • Road-to-market design
  • Aligning marketing and sales with innovations
  • ‘Managing the tail’

Sales acceleration

  • Launch governance design, management and support
  • Commercial ‘pitch’ design
  • Sales force training program design