How we support clients

The Emerton Restructuring and Turnaround practice leverages most of the key Emerton differentiators:

  • A senior team, heavily involved on projects (rather than large teams of junior consultants), combining sector expertise, extensive consulting background and the experience and management skills of seasoned industry hires
  • A flexible intervention mode, integrated as team-extension at clients: depending on each situation, can range from highly focused senior expertise (e.g. on high-stake organization issues), to additional project management thrust to accelerate the change (e.g. on some PMI work streams, or to secure synergies) or direct management where needed (through our dedicated entity Emerton Leadership)
  • Highly quantitative, value-creation focused approaches
  • Fully ad-hoc approaches, no standard templates-Focus on team onboarding and change management – our clients want actual organization and process transformation, not slides

This drives our strong collective track record of heavy transformation of companies in crisis situations or at various stages of their development, at a global level.

Beyond disruptive events such as full turnarounds or heavy PMI management, Emerton also supports its industrial clients to adjust their footprint (and therefore their unit cost) to a versatile market demand and competition.

Industrial strategy and company restructuring

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