How we support our clients

Emerton provides Advanced data analytics services and Big Data POC (Proof of Concept) and helps companies designing their data strategies to transform their businesses from top-line to bottom-line.

Recent technologies are making data “the new oil”: thanks to digitization there is always more of them, they are always more diversified, and there are more means and tools to use them. But most of all, innovators are making a better use of data to leverage them as strategic differentiators. The issue is thus not so much about creating more data, but about harnessing them and making sense of them.

Data have always been at the core of Emerton skills: we have built an expertise in finding, collecting, gathering and analyzing data to answer business questions. With up-to-date competences in data ripping, statistics and analytics and with powerful IT tools, we support our clients as they need to step-up their approach to data.



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